Can I change the name of my protagonist or town?

Yes, you can change both from the “My Card” section in the Friends menu. You can also change your protagonist’s name from the status menu, and the name of your town from the map menu.

How do I reduce the time it takes to make something?

While making something, you can tap the clock icon while the time is displayed and use a tick-tock to cut its time by 30 minutes.
(In the event that the remaining time is already less than 30 minutes, the excess time reduction is not carried over.)

How do I move a land?

Tap the egg icon on the world map,
then tap the “Move” button. Select the land you want to move, then tap the location where you would like to move it. If there is another land already there, the two lands will switch places.

Moving a land uses up a single egg shell.

How do I get more money?

Try selling items you don’t need.
The gold logs you can find at Event Isle fetch especially good prices.

How can I see larger images of the characters and monsters?

You can find larger images in the residents menu and Eggpedia.

How do I rewatch a story scene or spirit talk?

These can be rewatched from the quest menu or Eggpedia.

What does building an empty house do?

Once you are able to construct empty houses, you may find new characters from species who don’t yet live in your town taking up residence in them. Continue to develop your town, and you should find hints as to how to attract new species.

What do the icons above my residents' heads mean?

If a resident has a speech bubble (pop-up) above their head, try going over and talking to them (though of course, you’re also free to talk to them even if they don’t have a speech bubble). Your residents may seem tough, but they actually get lonely very easily.


①”!”  → Resident has a quest.
②”…”  → Resident is troubled by something.
      Talk to them and tap “Request.”
③Heart  → Resident wants to talk to you.
      Hear what they have to say, and you might just be rewarded for it.

How do I get the hidden Tomtes to appear?

The Tomtes each have their own favorite color, so try decorating your home with furniture of that color. For example, if you fill your home with white furniture, Bianca is sure to pay you a visit in her white dress.

Can I post to Twitter?

If you tap the camera button when the upper status bar is visible, you can take a screenshot and save it to your device.
Furthermore, if you link Egglia to Twitter, you will be able to post to it straight from the app.