How do I befriend new spirits?

You can befriend spirits by cooking for them at the spirit shrine.


If you keep seeing the same spirit, try cooking something different. Each spirit has their own favorite dish, so cooking different foods will summon different spirits.


Sometimes a spirit you have already befriended will eat your cooking, but if they do, they’ll give you one of their favorite potatoes as an apology.

What do I do when I can't get a spirit to evolve?

・Is the spirit at its max pre-evolution level?
・Do you have enough jewels?
・Do you have enough coins?
Try double-checking the spirit’s level, your coins, and your jewels.

What is Event Isle?

Event Isle is a special land that you can only visit for 30 minutes a day. It changes depending on the day of the week, so make sure to visit it on days when it has the kind of items you want.


◆Event Isle’s Schedule
①Monday (Isle of Darkness)Shadow buds/seeds
②Tuesday (Isle of Flame)Fire buds/seeds
③Wednesday (Isle of Water)Water buds/seeds
④Thursday (Isle of Wind)Wind buds/seeds
⑤Friday (Isle of Light)Light buds/seeds
⑥Saturday (Isle of Silver)All buds (and a higher chance of finding Metalkins)
⑦Sunday (Isle of Gold)All seeds (and a higher chance of finding Goldkins)


Event Isle will be relocked once 30 minutes have passed since unlocking it, or once the date changes. You can unlock it again by tapping the “Re-Unlock” button and using a special key, or you can just wait for the date to change.

Why can't I enter Event Isle?

Once Event Isle has been unlocked, it will re-lock itself after 30 minutes. In addition, if the date changes while it is unlocked, it will also re-lock, even if it’s been less than 30 minutes.
If you want to re-unlock Event Isle, tap the “Re-Unlock” button and use a special key, and you’ll be able to enter Event Isle again for another 30 minutes.

When are the "???" cards in my collection going to be unlocked?

These cards will be unlocked as you progress through the story and complete other collection cards.

Why can I no longer give gifts to my residents?

You can only give one gift to residents per day. Be patient and wait for tomorrow.

Can I change the name of my protagonist or town?

Yes, you can change both from the “My Card” section in the Friends menu. You can also change your protagonist’s name from the status menu, and the name of your town from the map menu.

How do I reduce the time it takes to make something?

While making something, you can tap the clock icon while the time is displayed and use a tick-tock to cut its time by 30 minutes.
(In the event that the remaining time is already less than 30 minutes, the excess time reduction is not carried over.)

How do I move a land?

Tap the egg icon on the world map,
then tap the “Move” button. Select the land you want to move, then tap the location where you would like to move it. If there is another land already there, the two lands will switch places.

Moving a land uses up a single egg shell.

How do I get more money?

Try selling items you don’t need.
The gold logs you can find at Event Isle fetch especially good prices.