Can I redo missions I've already completed?

No, once a mission has been completed, you can neither do it again nor re-collect its reward. You can check your missions in the area info section, which appears when selecting a stage, and in the sub-menu while on the field.

What are the different status ailments, and what do they do?

Status ailments are conditions that have some sort of effect on either the protagonist or monsters.


The different status ailment icons are shown above the HP bar. You can see more information on these effects in the Status section of the sub-menu. Some spirit runes and enemy skills are also capable of inflicting status ailments.


①Poison → Deals a small amount of damage at the start of a turn. (negated by Hum)
②Burn → Deals a large amount of damage at the start of a turn. (negated by Hum)
③Seal → Disables rune usage.
④Exhaustion → Halves your stats.
⑤Sleep → Disables all actions.
⑥Hum → Recovers a small amount of HP at the start of a turn. (negated by Poison and Burn)
⑦Stuck → Disables movement.
⑧Feeble → Disables attacks.
⑨Quazo → Turn into a quazo and deal only 1 damage.
⑬RES Down
⑭Fixed Dice Rolls
⑮Roll either 4, 5, or 6, or just 1 or 6
⑯Two Dice
⑰More Dice Numbers


Status ailments generally disappear after enough turns have passed, and can also be cured with certain runes.

What stats do I have?

①HP (Hit Points)
When this falls to 0, the game is over.

②ATK (Attack Power)
Affects how much damage can be dealt to enemies.

③DEF (Defense)
Affects how much damage is taken from enemies.

④RES (Elemental Resistance)
Affects how much damage is taken from enemies’ elemental attacks. The higher this stat, the less damage is taken.

Where is the boss doggon?

Boss doggons can be found on the deepest floor of each land’s innermost area (Stage 2). Once you’ve reached a boss doggon’s stage you will see the words “BOSS BATTLE,” and the stage will be wrapped in an aura of light.


Once defeated, boss doggons will occasionally drop doggon meat, a doggon-only item type.

I want to make my home and my residents' homes bigger!

You will need to help the Dunkel expand first. Talk to him, and he will assign you the quests you need to help expand.

I want to create more kinds of furniture!

You will need to help the Iagan and Yergan expand their workshop. Talk to them, and they will assign you the quests you need to help them expand.

I can't get past a difficult stage. What should I do?

As long as you can make it to a stage’s clear space, you don’t need to defeat all the monsters within that stage in order to beat it. If you still find it difficult to beat a stage, try changing your spirit lineup or going back to previous stages and leveling up.

Which residents should I take with me?

Each resident has their own unique skills and morale. Make sure to check each resident’s current morale level and skills when choosing who to bring with you.


Bringing a resident with you will deplete their morale by 10 points, which means a resident must have at least 10 morale to have them accompany you.Morale is replenished automatically over time (by 1 point every three minutes), and it can also be fully replenished by using an elixir. Please note that morale limits are fixed, and will not change no matter how good friends you become with that resident.


Residents that accompany you will find different materials depending on their skills. Once they get an item, an icon will appear in their dialogue. As your Friendship with them improves, their skill level will go up as well. Higher skill levels help residents find more items and increases the amount of coins you can get.


①Seeker → Finds ore and ethereal, along with the occasional treasure.
②Excavator → Finds ore.
③Gatherer → Finds ethereal.
④Harvester → Finds vegetables.
⑤Angler → Finds seafood.
⑥Finder → Finds treasure.
⑦Collector → Finds coins.
(⑦ grants a bonus to coins earned instead of enabling the resident to find items, so it doesn’t cause an icon to display.)

I can't enter a stage because my resident's morale isn't high enough.

You aren’t required to bring a resident with you into a stage, so try removing that resident from your lineup. Each resident’s morale can be replenished by using a species-appropriate elixir (for example, if the resident is a Brownie, use a Brownie Elixir). You can get elixirs by doing favors for residents or by completing missions.

How do I put together a good spirit lineup?

You can bring up to 3 spirits with you into a stage as long as the lineup doesn’t exceed your maximum cost.


①Assault Runes
Set a spirit to an assault slot to use these. They increase your HP, ATK, and RES, and let you use attack spells that deal damage to enemies.

②Support Runes
Set a spirit to a support slot to use these. They increase your HP, DEF, and RES, and let you use support spells that can assist you in numerous ways.


Spirits can only be set to either an assault slot or a support slot, and whichever one you choose can completely change how to best make use of that spirit’s abilities. Try to find a spirit lineup that best suits your play style.




◆Example: Sizzic, a fire spirit


Assault Rune: Hot Stuff
Effect: Deals fire damage
Support Rune: Sizz On!
Effect: Raises attack by 20% and fire resistance by 20%




Sizzic may be optimized for assault, but he can also boost your stats in a support slot. Furthermore, his fire RES can be very useful in stages with lots of fire-based enemies. Try using your spirits in both assault and support slots depending on your current situation.