What can I do at Babayaga's?

Babayaga’s is a general store run by Baba and Yaga where you can buy and sell a wide variety of materials.


Unlike the builders and workshop, Babayaga’s can’t be expanded through quests, but as you progress they will start to sell any item in the game that you’ve found once before.
(Some exceptions, like buds and seeds, will never be sold in their store.)


◆Things You Can Do at Babayaga’s


Purchase items sold at the shop.

Sell items you own. Be warned, all sales are final.

What can I do at the lottery tent?

Osiria’s Lottery Tent is a place where you can try your luck in order to win prizes. A single ticket nets you one turn on the wheel, and if you’re lucky, you’ll walk away with furniture or other items that can’t be found anywhere else. Some rumors even say that if you’re really lucky, you can also win secret pictures of your town’s residents.


◆Things You Can Do at the Lottery Tent


①Play Once
Use a single lottery ticket to take a turn at the lottery wheel.

②Play 10 Times
Use 10 lottery tickets all at once to take 10 turns at the lottery wheel.
(You need at least 10 lottery tickets to select this.)

③Card Collection
One kind of prize you can win at the Lottery Tent is card pieces, which will let you view secret photos of your town’s residents once enough have been collected. The type of cards you can collect will increase as you play through the story, and as you complete other cards. Once a collection is complete, you will be able to see the entire assembled image on a large screen.

④Prize List
See the kinds of prizes you can win. This selection may change over time.

How do I enter a shop?

Tap on a shop or its sign to bring up that shop’s menu. You can also tap on the shop’s clerk to talk to them.

What can Tao Xin and Tekko do for me?

You can visit Tao Xin and Tekko by tapping on the signs to the left and right of your home.
If you give them buds and seeds, they will grow items for you that can make your spirits stronger.


①Tao Xin
Tao Xin can be found at the large farm to the left of your home. If you give her buds she will grow them into potatoes, which can then be harvested and given to spirits to raise their EXP.


Tekko can be found at the large mine to the right of your home. If you give him seeds he will grow them into jewels, which can then be harvested and given to spirits to help them evolve (though they will need to have fulfilled certain conditions first).


-Some buds and seeds take longer to grow into potatoes and jewels, depending on their type.
-Once planted, you must wait for buds and seeds to fully ripen before harvesting them, as they cannot be canceled or harvested prematurely.

What does it mean when "Bountiful!" appears on the screen?

Bountiful harvests are a lucky occurrence that produce twice the usual number of potatoes or jewels during a harvest. When and where they occur is completely random.

How do I check my quests?

You can see the quests you have accepted by tapping the “Menu” icon and tapping “Quests”


Shows the quests you have already completed.

Shows the quests you have yet to complete.

Where can I find information (friendship levels, skills, profiles, etc.) on my residents?

Character information can be found in the Residents section of the menu. Characters will be added to the list as you meet them in-game.


Residents who live in houses are marked with a home icon, and those who have asked the protagonist for help are marked with a speech bubble icon.
(You can tap the speech bubble icons to check which item that resident wants you to retrieve.)


View that character’s profile. Profiles will change over the course of the game’s story, so check them regularly to make sure you don’t miss any updates. If a character has a Friendship level or a skill, they will be listed underneath this section.

View a more detailed profile of that character. As your Friendship with them improves, new sections will open up here.

View a full-screen version of that character’s 2D illustration.

View a closeup of that character’s 3D model, and switch between their various animations.

I cracked open an egg, and a new stage appeared. What's going on?

Congratulations! You have discovered a secret stage. This only happens when certain lands are placed next to each other. Secret stages will disappear if you separate these lands, but you can always bring them back by placing the lands side by side again. Try using egg shells to move lands around and see what special combinations you can discover.

What's the highest level the protagonist can reach? What about spirits?

◆The protagonist’s max level is 150.


◆Spirit max levels vary by each spirit’s type and evolution stage.


◇Max Levels Before Evolving
①Bronze → Level 40
②Silver → Level 50
③Gold → Level 60


After evolving, each spirit’s level maxes out at 100.
(If you max out a spirit’s level at each stage of their evolution, a secret entry will open up in that spirit’s Eggpedia section.)

How many elements are there?

There are 5 elements: fire, water, wind, light, and shadow. Fire is strong against wind, wind is strong against water, and water is strong against fire. Light and shadow, on the other hand, are diametrically opposed, with each being equally strong against the other.


Using the same element everywhere will increase that element’s defense and reduce damage.


◆What is RES?
RES is short for elemental resistance. The higher it is, the less damage you will take from monsters of that element. As an example, it’s generally a good idea to boost your fire RES in a stage with lots of fire monsters.