I want to make my home and my residents' homes bigger!

You will need to help the Dunkel expand first. Talk to him, and he will assign you the quests you need to help expand.

I want to create more kinds of furniture!

You will need to help the Iagan and Yergan expand their workshop. Talk to them, and they will assign you the quests you need to help them expand.

I can't get past a difficult stage. What should I do?

As long as you can make it to a stage’s clear space, you don’t need to defeat all the monsters within that stage in order to beat it. If you still find it difficult to beat a stage, try changing your spirit lineup or going back to previous stages and leveling up.

Which residents should I take with me?

Each resident has their own unique skills and morale. Make sure to check each resident’s current morale level and skills when choosing who to bring with you.


Bringing a resident with you will deplete their morale by 10 points, which means a resident must have at least 10 morale to have them accompany you.Morale is replenished automatically over time (by 1 point every three minutes), and it can also be fully replenished by using an elixir. Please note that morale limits are fixed, and will not change no matter how good friends you become with that resident.


Residents that accompany you will find different materials depending on their skills. Once they get an item, an icon will appear in their dialogue. As your Friendship with them improves, their skill level will go up as well. Higher skill levels help residents find more items and increases the amount of coins you can get.


①Seeker → Finds ore and ethereal, along with the occasional treasure.
②Excavator → Finds ore.
③Gatherer → Finds ethereal.
④Harvester → Finds vegetables.
⑤Angler → Finds seafood.
⑥Finder → Finds treasure.
⑦Collector → Finds coins.
(⑦ grants a bonus to coins earned instead of enabling the resident to find items, so it doesn’t cause an icon to display.)

How do I befriend new spirits?

You can befriend spirits by cooking for them at the spirit shrine.


If you keep seeing the same spirit, try cooking something different. Each spirit has their own favorite dish, so cooking different foods will summon different spirits.


Sometimes a spirit you have already befriended will eat your cooking, but if they do, they’ll give you one of their favorite potatoes as an apology.

What do I do when I can't get a spirit to evolve?

・Is the spirit at its max pre-evolution level?
・Do you have enough jewels?
・Do you have enough coins?
Try double-checking the spirit’s level, your coins, and your jewels.

How do I become friends with other players?

You can see information on your friends from the “Friends” section in the menu.


When you follow another player, they will be added to your following list. You can follow up to 50 players.

◆Send Lottery Ticket
You can send up to 30 lottery tickets per day to players you follow.

◆Return Gift
You can get return gifts from the first 10 players you send lottery tickets to. If you are Friends with a player who sends you a return gift, you will get twice as many tickets from them (up to a total of 20 per day). The return gift ticket-receiving limit is replenished at midnight.


If another player follows you, they will be added to your Followers list. Unlike players you follow, you cannot give lottery tickets to players who follow you unless you follow them as well. You can have up to 100 followers.


We have temporarily removed the “Sort by Login” option in order to reduce server load.
We will reinstate this functionality as soon as this matter is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience, and ask that players please be patient.


If you and another player both follow each other, you become friends. Friends are indicated by a friend icon to the upper right of their character icon. When you receive return gifts from friends, you will get twice as many tickets as usual.


Search by User ID
This function lets you find and follow other players you wish to friend using their User ID.
Recommended Users
This function lets you automatically find other players around the same level.
Search by Ranking
Shows users with the most skill points.


④My Card
Change the name of your protagonist or town, and customize your card’s design. You can add any comments you like, and change them at any time.

Why can't I follow any more players?

You can only follow up to 50 players, and only up to 100 players can in turn follow you. Once you have hit those limits, you can no longer follow anyone.

How do I see other players' homes?

You can tap “Visit” in the “Friends” section of the menu to visit other players’ homes.


When visiting other players’ homes, the character set to that player’s card will come greet you. The first time you talk to this character, they will present you with an item. The item you receive is determined randomly depending on the character.
(You can only receive one present per player per day.)


Once you have visited another player’s home, the “Visit” button will change to “Visited,” and you will be able to revisit them as many times as you like.

How are likes used here?

In Egglia, likes can be sent by players while visiting other players’ homes. To send likes yourself, tap the “Like” button displayed while you are visiting their home.
-Likes are reset at the start of every month.
-You can only send one like per day to a given player.