Privacy Policy for “EGGLIA – Legend of Red Cap” Services

DMM GAMES LLC (“DMM”) established this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) according to the following, in order to protect the information (“Personal Information”) that can identify a customer who uses the “EGGLIA – Legend of Red Cap” services (the “Services”).

I. Acquisition and Use of Personal Information for Services

1. When DMM acquires Personal Information regarding the Services:
After DMM clearly explains the purpose of use for the Personal Information to the customer in advance and obtains the customer’s consent, DMM might ask a customer for their Personal Information, such as their name, address, telephone number, and email address.
DMM will not use the Personal Information acquired from the customer for a purpose other than the explained purpose of use. Moreover, DMM will promptly destroy the Personal Information, once it has achieved the purpose of use.

2. Disclosure of Personal Information
DMM will not disclose the customer’s acquired Personal Information to a third person other than in the situations set forth in the purpose of use explained to the customer in advance; however, this provision does not apply in the following situations.
(2.1) When a court, government entity, such as a law enforcement authority, requests disclosure of the customer’s acquired Personal Information;
(2.2) When there is imminent danger to human life or property, etc., or when a need for urgency is acknowledged; or (2.3) When the customer grants its consent.

3. Obtaining Customer’s Information within Services
DMM will obtain and store from time to time the nicknames registered by customers when the customers start the Services and the customers’ play data for the Services. In addition, DMM will use the score-keeping function between customers and rankings within the Services.

II. Queries regarding Personal Information in relation to the Services can be directed to:

Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Grand Tower, 24F
3-chome, 2-1, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Please submit your queries and requests via the query form
Official website:
Email address:

For more information about personal information protection, please visit the url:

Established on April 13, 2016